Everywhere we look we see brands...

We see logos and brand names and colour schemes, but those are not the brands.  

They are symbols for what’s behind them. And that is a lot more complex. It’s not just the organizations, but also what they do, their values and the story behind each individual one.

You can view brands by the products and services they deliver. That’s pretty straightforward, but it’s obvious that there is a lot more. If products and services are tangible, touchable dimensions there are also intangible dimensions that are equally important.

Brands are about values and personality.

Brands are concerned with choice and reliability. If you try the offering from a particular brand, and you are happy with the experience, that is the first win. So you are likely to try it again, hoping to repeat the experience. You are choosing reliability. Now, it’s all up to the brand to fulfil its promise and deliver again and again.  You are becoming a loyal customer. But more important you are likely to become an advocate and recommend it to friends.