Creativity and innovation is critical to the success of any business or organisation. Without creativity we are destined to follow the same furrow, at the mercy of outside forces.

Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas, new ways of working, which will allow an enterprise to be pro-active in steering its future. It’s not the preserve of particular functions , such as marketing or advertising – new production approaches may come from engineering or the shop floor. Innovative organisation structures may be created by management or HR. Restructured accounting may save huge amounts of cost or time.

I began my working life qualifying in Art & Design – ‘traditionally’ creative you might think. However, I soon found my self in management, and then running and growing my own businesses.

People would ask; “Don’t you miss being a hands-on creative person?” My answer was: “I still am”. ¬†There is nothing more creative than building a business.

Creativity is a skill – it can be taught and learned.