Marketing communications is a fascinating but complex business. I’ve spent most of my career in various disciplines including advertising, design, line-marketing and corporate communications.

However, there is one thing that became clear to me early on – and it has become a mantra for me:

‘It’s all about the brand’.

Whatever marketing activity you embark upon – the brand is right at the centre. That’s why I’ve spent most of my working life helping businesses with their brands – from small companies to national and international organisations.

A short resumé of a long career.

First degree was in graphic design, later a marketing qualification, and finally a degree in psychology. I’m a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Member of the British Psychological Societydoes this matter?  Well, I don’t think it makes you a better marketer – but a recent survey showed that over 40% of people using the term ‘marketer’ had no training or qualifications whatsoever…  So for a client, it just reduces the risk.
I’ve worked agencies and consultancies, but most of my career has been in consultancies and agencies I started and built. Does it matter? Yes, it means first and foremost I’m a businessman – branding is a business discipline, you have to put your money where your mouth is.

What have I done? 

 Created brand identities for leading brands in fashion, manufacturing, DIY, construction and building products. Researched and designed strategies for educational establishments, marine businesses and construction plant. And worked on FMCG products, including confectionary, biscuits, beer and alcopops. Consulted and advised in-house teams and led focussed workshops and give brand presentations.
My most pressing question is…
Ian West - brand specialist